The Most Diabetes Symptoms in Men – Early Signs

Diabetes symptoms in men can be varied and in some cases, they suffer different kind of signs. There are some differences with symptoms of diabetes in women. However, the most common signs of diabetes in men are actually similar; there will be no great difference from one man to another. The confusion comes when the symptoms are the same with other health disorder. The following passages will outline some of the most commonly found diabetes symptoms with brief explanation to avoid confusions in understanding and recognizing. You cannot let these symptoms to continuously happen to you; diabetes mellitus is a very serious health disorder and without proper treatment, the disease will lead to critical health issues and greatly affect the life expectation. Diabetes symptoms are described as follows.

diabetes symptoms in menThe first among all other symptoms in men is the excessive thirst along and frequently increasing urination. This is resulted from the increased of glucose level that affects the filtering capability of renal system. The kidneys absorb too much drinking water that will result in dehydration. In short, it is the over frequent urination that leads to excessive thirst. Actually, this case can also happen to women; the extreme urination is called ‘polyuria’ and the extreme thirst is called ‘polydipsia’. The second one is weight loss; this is the actually the most common sign among all diabetes symptoms. The main cause is the insufficient insulin level. The hormone should be the one that changes the glucose from food absorbed by the blood stream to become energy. Insufficient insulin level will make the ‘back-up’ energy under the topmost layer of the skin is continually used while the blood stream takes the accumulating level of glucose.

Diabetes symptoms in men – important signs

The problem is related to the next sign; one the most usual diabetes symptoms in men is the increasing appetite. However, as mentioned above, the normal sign would be excessive weight loss. Very few people suffering diabetes will undergo such symptom. Irrespectively, the body weight keep on dropping even if men are consuming more. The insulin is not available to change the glucose into energy; glucose will still be glucose in the blood and the energy is not anymore produced in a sufficient number. From all common diabetes symptoms, the one that takes great attention is the erectile dysfunction. The increasing glucose level in the blood affects nerves and blood vessel of the penis. The result is erectile dysfunction.

If you understand such common diabetes symptoms in men, there will be no major problems in seeking immediate treatment. Usually, other than insulin injection, the treatments given for diabetes symptoms are drugs and diet change (such as gestational diabetes diet).

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